Batman’s 75th Anniversary – Free Comics and More!


Happy 75th anniversary to the Caped Crusader! In his honor, many shops in the metroplex will be doing giveaways including a free comic, having specials, and some will be having free food! Here are some locations that will be partaking in Batman Day!

Collected Comics

(Been told free comic and free pizza/batman cookies)

Barnes & Noble (Check your local location) 

*Preston & Royal location has been confirmed to be hosting giveaways and have the free comic

Keith’s Comics

Madness Comics & Games

Titan Comics

Barnes and Noble ‘Get Pop-Cultured’ Freebies and More!


Barnes and Noble is celebrating all things nerdy and pop-culture during this month-long event! All the events are free to attend and are great for all ages! There are lots of freebies, photo opportunities, activities and more. Click here to check if your local store is participating. 


Batman Day

Wednesday July 23 

Celebrate the Caped Crusader’s 75th anniversary with activities and giveaways – including a free special edition of Detective Comics #27. Plus, enter to win your own Mini Bat Signal!

DC Comics Spectacular 

July 23 – July 27

Come in during this time for a special offer on all DC Comics Graphic Novels plus giveaways and special offers!

Comic Convention Collectibles 

July 24 – July 27

Funko 2014 Limited Edition Summer 2014 Exclusives to be revealed on July 24

‘Frozen’ Friday

August 1 – 7 p.m.

Fun adventure featuring the summer-loving snowman, Olaf! Enjoy story time, a sing-along, crafts, and more!

Marvel Day

August 2

Honoring Marvel’s 75th anniversary with activities and giveaways – including a chance to win special Marvel prizes and more!

James Patterson Day

August 3

Celebrate America’s bestselling author with a special one-day-only offer on all James Patterson books plus fan trivia, discussions and more!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

August 4 – August 9

Discover your inner Ninja Turtle with exciting activities for kids ages 5-10. Check your local store for exact date and time.

Page & Screen Weekend

August 9 – August 10

Celebrate the connections between books, movies, TV shows, collectibles, toys, and games featuring giveaways and raffles from Maze Runner, The Giver, Dr. Who, and Game of Thrones.

North Texas Comic Book Show July 19


Quakecon and the North Texas Comic Book Show are both this weekend – but don’t worry, they are right next to each other!

The NTCBS is held at the Doubletree Hotel Dallas Market Center behind the Hilton Anatole. This show is only $8 and more than just a comic book show! Comic book artists including Green Arrow artist Mike Grell will be in attendance and wickedly talented cosplayer Glitzy Geek Girl will be there, too! NTCBS will even be hosting a cosplay contest at 2 p.m. with a $100 cash prize to the winner!

Stop on by the show this weekend and scope out some awesome new comics to add to your collection as well as meet some awesome people!

Quakecon July 17-20



Ready for another weekend of gaming? Quakecon is this weekend at the Hilton Anatole in Downtown Dallas and is North America’s largest BYOC (bring your own computer) LAN party.

Pre-registration for a guaranteed seat at the BYOC lounge has closed, but you don’t have to bring a computer to have an awesome time. Attending the show and roaming around the main floor is totally free. There are many booths that will be set up so users can experience new titles, and there will even be computers available to rent for the weekend. A lot of the industries top names will be in attendance demoing new technology and titles including Alienware and Bethesda.

Events include Elderscrolls tournaments, portfolio reviews, Battlecry tournaments, and a QR code hunt. Additionally, there are many panels, announcements, game presentations and parties!

Marking the 19th year of the convention, Quakecon hopes to hold the reputation as the “Woodstock of gaming” and provide PC gamers and fans alike a hub to come together and celebrate one of the most exciting industries.



Guardians of the Galaxy 17 min preview full of comedy, epic effects

*Warning! Potential spoilers below!*

Monday night I got to go to an exclusive preview of Guardians of the Galaxy!

I went to the screening at Northpark and got gotg2there literally minutes before it started. Luckily, there was still a couple of seats left. Not so luckily, they were on the very front row at the very end.

Getting the tickets was easy, I just had to reserve them online about a week beforehand. The preview  was in 3D and they had awesome posters at the table where you turned in your ticket.

Now to the good stuff – the preview.

Let me just preface this by saying that even in basically the worst seat in the house, it was 17 minutes of pure awesomeness.

Introduced by James Gunn, the scene is basically Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper), Gamora (Zoe Saldana), Groot (Vin Diesel), and Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) being arrested and working together to get out of prison. Star-Lord starts off as an outsider to the group, but is quickly initiated as one of the guys. Gamora is pegged as a trouble maker, but proves quickly she can hold her own.

gotg1Groot and Rocket have an amazing chemistry and steal the show. Groot’s dialogue consists completely of “I am Groot” but Rocket is able to get much more out of it than that. Rocket is hilarious, super witty, and very confident in his ability to put together a solid plan of escape. The two work together flawlessly and it’s really neat to see Groot’s personality come through without him having to talk.

About mid-battle Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista) enters the scene and quickly  sides himself with the Guardians. By the way, during the climax of the fighting “Hooked on a Feeling” was playing, which was literally the most perfect soundtrack ever for the battle. Drax is super literal, as Rocket commented “A metaphor would go right over his head.” To which Drax responds “Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast and I will catch it.”

There was lots of Thanos talk, comedic wit, epic special effects, and great character chemistry. The preview definitely did it’s job of making me anxious for the movie.

After the scene they played an extended trailer  which you can see here:

Guardians of the Galaxy comes to theaters August 1.

ScrewAttack Gaming Convention this weekend

Awesome banner!

Awesome banner!

Also known as the largest gaming convention in the southwest, SGC brings in an eclectic crowd of gamers from all across the country.

When: July 11-13

Where: Sheraton in Downtown Dallas

How Much: $30-$50


Me and cosplayer Enasni Volz as Mad Moxxi and Glitzy Geek Girl in the background as Zelda! From SGC 2013!

If you’re not a huge gamer – no worries! SGC has something for every type of gamer. When I went last year they even had an old-school arcade with games like Galaga and Street Fighter! If you’re more of a modern gamer, there’s plenty of stuff for you too! Some of the awesome fun stuff includes:

  • A massive dealer room with up to 80 vendors.
  • A huge main stage that can accommodate over 1500 attendees comfortably for large panels and concerts that is streamed live to the Internet!
  • Two additional panel rooms which can each accommodate hundreds of attendees!
  • An expansive game room and arcade featuring consoles across all generations and a robust lineup of arcade cabinets!
  • Past guest speakers included YouTube celebrities and industry figureheads, such as; Adam Sessler, The Angry Video Game Nerd, Jim Sterling, and more!
  • An open call for other gaming websites to compete in a “ScrewAttack vs the Internet”!
  • The 8th annual Iron-Man of Gaming Tournament!
  • Live concerts of amazing video game related bands and DJs!
  • Table top gaming

This year SGC will even host a cosplay contest with prizes upwards of $500.

Additional information can be found on the SGC Facebook page.

Toy Show this weekend at Valley View Mall


Yeah, you read that right! Valley View Mall is apparently still a thing. If you’re not familiar with this place – it’s basically the mall of my adolescence located in North Dallas right down the street from the Galleria mall. I used to spend COUNTLESS days at this mall roaming around and basically living in the Hot Topic on the first floor. I also worked there for a while. It used to be “the place”. Until just about every store closed. Apparently it’s been revived in the name of all things nerdy, as this weekend the North Dallas Toy Show will hold an event Saturday, July 5, from 9 am to 3 pm!

For only $2 you can explore nostalgic toys and buy new treasures for your collection. There will be door prizes and more! Also, Valley View still has a nice movie theater that is actually quite cheaper than most theaters in the area. So check the showtimes and see something cool while you’re out there! Transformers? How to Train You Dragon 2?

If you go, make sure to post photos to my Facebook page!

For more information visit