Fan Days – friendly faces and nerdy nonsense

This past weekend I went to Dallas Comic Con’s Fan Days hosted at the Irving Convention Center in Irving, TX.

I usually go to conventions with a group of people so that walking around aimlessly isn’t so awkward. However, all my friends were stuck with loads of homework and work shifts that didn’t allow convention time – so I was on my own.

If I had wanted to be ignored and made sure I had no contact with others, I probably could have thrown on an old t-shirt and kept to myself. But I think there’s some part of me that just won’t let that happen.

I strolled through the convention in a Star Trek red fleet dress. Not only did I have people coming up to me telling me I was going to die (note the red Star Trek dress), I had a surprising amount of people ask to take a picture with me.

Everyone I talked to was so friendly, making my experience exponentially better. In fact, Guide Live even commented on the friendliness of the attendees, saying the people “were some of the friendliest people you’ll find in a crowd of this size”.

I think the ability to have time to stop and talk with people is what makes Fan Days so enjoyable. With larger conventions, like San Diego Comic Con, there are so many crowds and lines that everyone is just trying to get in and out of booths, not really having the opportunity to build connections and just relax.

The quality of the booths at Fan Days was much higher than I’ve seen at other conventions. Every vendor I encountered was extremely friendly, not pushy, and just wanted to make sure I was having a good time. Even the artwork was a higher quality than I’ve seen before.

Above all, I love it when I can talk to stars that are genuine and truly excited to have you as a fan. Felicia Day is definitely one of those people.

She was so sweet to everyone who approached her and didn’t mind taking the time to talk to each of her fans, instead of just signing an autograph and moving along to the next person. She was even upbeat after receiving a speeding ticket on her way to the convention!

She shared some info about the new season of the web series she stars in, The Guild.  The new series just started up this month and her character, Codex, is just starting a new career at The Game.

If you’re looking for a convention where you can take your time, meet some awesome people and just be yourself, Fan Days is definitely the place to do it.

Your next opportunity to check out the conventions Dallas Comic Con has to offer is Feb 9-10 of next year. You can keep tabs on the line-up and other announcements on my blog and on

Felicia Day and I at Fan Days

Me and a very well dressed Bane!


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