Dallas Comic Con kicks off 2013 with Sci-Fi Expo

Great Scott! The Sci-Fi Expo presented by Dallas Comic Con put on yet another great show this past weekend at the Irving Convention Center.

It was a stellar kick-off to the convention season here in DFW. Most everyone I talked to agreed that this year was exponentially better than the year before. I think this is true with a lot of conventions – every year they seem to get more organized and everything seems to go a bit smoother.

Needless to say I had an awesome time, but I’ve broken my experience down to my top 3 favorite moments:

3. Having the honor to meet and talk to Christopher Lloyd

Credit: scifimania.com

Credit: scifimania.com

That’s right – I got to talk to the one and only Doc Brown! Christopher Lloyd is most well-known for his role in the Back to the Future movies, but he has an incredible list of roles he’s played including Judge Doom in Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Reverend Jim Ignatowski in the TV show Taxi. I’m sure by late Sunday afternoon Mr. Lloyd was pretty tired of hearing how great of an actor he is and how he was “so awesome in Back to the Future”, but I figured one more time couldn’t hurt.

Honestly, he was one of the nicest, warmest celebrities I have talked to. He shook my hand and when I told him how I loved watching Back to the Future as a kid with my dad, he told me he was happy to have been part of my childhood. He even told me to send my dad his best wishes! We shared a couple laughs and I walked away with a big smile on my face. 

2. Meeting one of my most recent blogging idols

Recently I read a blog that had been passed through the interwebs from xoJane titled “I’m a Black Cosplayer and Some People Hate It” written by Chaka Cumberbatch, aka Princess Mentality Cosplay. The piece is not only extremely well written but really explores a much deeper side of the cosplay community. In a way it’s kind of hard to believe. How can a community of people I have come to be so closely knit to be so hurtful to each other? It’s baffling.

The blog explores hardships that black cosplayers face when they cosplay a white character. But where many could sit and complain, Chaka turns what could be a push to make her stop cosplaying into her motivation.

“The depths that the insults sink to are enough to scare many interested cosplayers away from even trying,” she says in her blog. “My skin color is something I can’t change, nor would I if I had the ability. I love the skin I was born in, and I won’t apologize, make excuses or work around it for anyone’s benefit beyond my own.”


Chaka and I at Sci-Fi Expo!

It wasn’t until I was half-way though the blog that I noticed one of her images was from A-Kon. Then I connected the dots and realized she is based here in Dallas! So you can only imagine how excited I was to spot her across the room at Sci-Fi Expo!

Honestly, sometimes I get really into the moment and run up to people without really thinking it through. I know many people can attest to that and I’m pretty sure Chaka was probably pretty taken back when I ran up to her and asked if she was the blogger from xoJane. First, let me tell you she is gorgeous in her photographs, but absolutely stunning in person! It was such an honor to talk to her. She is such a sweet, genuine person to talk to and I can’t wait for future conventions to see what awesome costumes she creates.

If you haven’t checked out her blog post, please read it! I think it’s really inspirational for any cosplayer, but especially if you’ve had times you felt defeated or like you didn’t belong. She is such an inspiration  to the community!

1. Reconnecting with friends and talented artists

Above all, my favorite thing about going to these conventions is the people that I meet and the connections that get stronger every year.  Not only do some of my best friends wander the convention floor but some of the most talented people I know call fan conventions their home.

Jon Hughes of JonHughesArt.com and the Editor-in-Chief and creator of Overground Comics

Jon Hughes of JonHughesArt.com and the Editor-in-Chief and creator of Overground Comics

Jon Hughes is one of those talented people. His artwork includes intimate close-ups of almost any comic-book character you can think of – including those he has created. Not only is he rocking it out in his artwork, he is also the Editor-in-Chief and creator of Overground Comics. There is so much amazing work that comes from him and so much more to come! I look forward to seeing Jon at every convention. Not only to see what new incredible pieces he has but because he’s probably one of the most fun and real people to talk to. There are many artists who get so soaked up in the industry that they forget their fans. Jon is someone who I think is honestly and truly excited to meet and connect with everyone who shares his love of art and appreciates his creations. Because of that I guarantee you soon he will be a very, very big deal in the comic industry! Keep an eye on him!!

Another one of my favorite artists is Eddie Medina. Eddie is the artist behind EdMed Art

Eddie Medina - Artist of EdMed Art Studio

Eddie Medina – Artist of EdMed Art Studio and EddieMedina.com

Studios and has such an awesome style. I’m no art critic, so excuse my not-so-professional terminology. Eddie’s style is really fun, different and brings out a youthful light to the characters he draws. After meeting Eddie you will definitely understand where all the fun and spunk in his artwork comes from. He is such an awesome person to talk to and he is really clicked in to things going on in the area. He makes sure to take the time to make a personal connection with everyone he meets and I always look forward to seeing his booth at conventions. If you haven’t checked out his work, head on over!

Did you go to Sci-Fi Expo or have you gone in the past? Let me know what your favorite moments were!


7 thoughts on “Dallas Comic Con kicks off 2013 with Sci-Fi Expo

  1. Comic Con was so much fun! Loved getting the opportunity to meet Christopher Lloyd and watch the BttF panel. One of my favorite moments came at the end of the Battlestar Galactica panel when Mr Olmos lead a chant of “So Say We All”

  2. FYI, if you’re looking for other conventions, FenCon (www.fencon.org) is in October and the first WhoFest (www.whofestdfw.org) is in November. WhoFest will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.

  3. Year old blog, but pertinent now: If you could only choose one event to attend in DFW for 2014, would it be the Sci-Fi Expo in Feb, or the Comic-Con in May? Maybe to better phrase it, which do you think will be cooler/more fun/ bigger?

    Thanks for the blog, don’t stop writing.

    • I would go for Dallas Comic-Con in May. It’s such a fast growing convention, and I think it has potential to be top next to San Diego some day! Especially with the new convention center move this year (to the Dallas Convention Center).

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