I saw Jurassic Park 3D and spared no expense!

Okay, so maybe there aren’t fan conventions for dinosaurs, but I’m really starting to think there should be. Maybe even a dinosaur day at the museum, or a giant group dinosaur dig at Dinosaur Valley State Park. I’d be down for that.

In lieu of an actual dinosaur convention, I seized the opportunity to see Jurassic Park 3D last Friday. To be totally honest I’m a real skeptic when it comes to 3D movies. For one, the price is really deterring and I usually just view 3D as an added gimmick to give the studios some extra cash. Secondly, I’ve never seen 3D work so well that it’s convinced me to choose it over 2D. But I’ve gotta say, someone somewhere knew what they were doing with Jurassic Park. Honestly, it really, really worked. It took no more than the opening scene to convince me that this 3D was going to be done right.

When I first heard the news that Jurassic Park would be released for the 20th anniversary I thought there was a mistake. No way it’s been 20

You didn’t say the magic word!

years, Jurassic Park was made in the 90’s, right? Oh, right. It was. And I’m over 20. Hello, reality. I’m sure someone out there is cringing as they read that I think 20 is old.

The 3D effects were nothing mind blowing, but were done very tastefully. All of the images, the colors and the effects were so vivid and the sound quality was fantastic. Because of such high quality (and probably my extreme love for the movie) I was quickly immersed in the whole experience. So much so that I even made a strange squeaking noise and jumped when Samuel L. Jackson’s arm popped out. Beat that, Evil Dead.

I haven’t watched Jurassic Park in at least five years and I’m really glad it had been that long. Not remembering every scene really played to my advantage. It was really fun to relive the 90’s references, i.e. when Lex freaks out about the interactive CD-ROM. But if it hadn’t  been for the prehistoric computers it would be really easy to convince myself this was the first time the movie was released. Jurassic Park has really held up with the times and gets major props for still having relevancy and such a large following.

While 3D velociraptors and getting to experience all of Dennis Nedry tops the charts of awesomeness, nothing quite compares to my favorite scene in the move. Donald Gennaro being eaten off the toilet.

Maybe it’s my undying love for dinosaurs and the Jurassic Park series, the memories of sitting on the couch watching it on TV with my dad, playing the theme song in high-school band or maybe it’s my flashbacks to the awesome ride at Universal Studios that made my experience even more special. Either way I couldn’t be happier with how the 3D conversion turned out. I’m so excited I finally had the opportunity to see one of the best movies of all-time on the big screen.

Have you seen it or are you going to see it? Looking forward to Jurassic Park 4?


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