A-Kon 24: Review, Pictures and More!

A-kon 2009 was my first convention ever. Because of that, it’s probably the convention I look forward to the most. That being said, the switch from the Sheraton to the Hilton Anatole was naturally going to cause mixed emotions.

However, despite my emotional instability, I’ve broken down the convention into my top compliments, complaints and cosplays of A-Kon 24 which was held May 31 – June 2.


I’ll start with complaints because I was trying to write the others and just kept thinking about them. My biggest complaint of the convention was how the dealer’s room and artist alley entrance was handled. Trying to get into either was cray cray Saturday afternoon. Because it’s absolutely impossible to explain how crazy getting in was – I drew out a diagram for easier explanation.


Basically the area to get into the rooms was small, unorganized and extremely overcrowded. There was a line about 4 hours long to get in, but what the people waiting in line didn’t know was that the people walking past them on the right were getting ahead in the line. Thus, a line was absolutely pointless. Sunday was way better. Minus  some of the volunteers who  were totally getting off on screaming at people for no reason (literally people were doing what they were supposed to and just getting yelled at). Although the amount of people attending on Sunday was exponentially smaller, it seems like a system was finally figured out. Hopefully this was the only time that kind of chaos will happen!

Secondly, I’d really like to address the situation of the #gropecrew. If you haven’t already gotten an earful about the twitter tag, basically a few users were tweeting girls who were attending A-Kon threatening messages that they were going to find them at the convention and grope/rape them. Anything that makes someone feel uncomfortable should be handled with the most seriousness and urgency. Whether or not these people actually groped/raped girls, they certainly made a lot of them feel uncomfortable at a convention that is supposed to feel safe and welcoming to everyone. It should not just be dismissed as trolling. I got tweeted at by said crew, and although what they tweeted me wasn’t threatening alone; tweets that were sent out to other girls made me feel very uneasy.

Tweets I received from the alleged #gropecrew

Tweets I received from the alleged #gropecrew


The Anatole is an absolutely gorgeous hotel and definitely seemed to be more equipped for handling a larger convention than the Sheraton. I didn’t stay at the hotel, so I can’t speak on the quality of the amenities and services associated with having a room. However, amenities that were provided around the hotel were top notch. Especially the water. Everywhere I looked there was a water cooler filled with ice cold water and plenty of cups. Honestly, this really was a life saver.

Exploring the art around the hotel was definitely one of my favorite things about the convention. I’m pretty sure everyone noticed that in the main lobby of the convention there was a giant sculpture hanging from the ceiling.  I found the little description plaque and it’s called the Nebula Sculpture. It’s actually powered by a single electric motor and made up of 14,064 bicycle reflectors! How freaking awesome is that?!

The Nebula Sculpture made of over 14,000 bicycle reflectors

The Nebula Sculpture made of over 14,000 bicycle reflectors

The artist alley was giant. It was hands down the best artist alley I’ve ever been to, and I’m lucky I got out of there with any money still in my bank account. My friend Josh, storyomylife.tumblr.com, had a booth this year and took this picture of the AA after everything had been moved out. You can definitely get a sense for how giant it was!

Empty Artist Alley - Photo cred: @JorshFrench

Empty Artist Alley – Photo cred: @JorshFrench


On Saturday I premiered my newest addition to my costume wardrobe – Jurassic Park Ranger! I had so much fun in this costume. I

Photo cred: Jared Taylor

Photo cred: Jared Taylor

didn’t take too many pictures of it – mainly because I was running around the convention floor and up and down the steps pretending I was chasing a dinosaur. Next time I need to convince my boyfriend to dress up as a Velociraptor…

Because the convention was so crazy crowded on Saturday I had a really hard time taking pictures. Almost every time I tried either the person would walk away only to be lost in the crowd or because of the tight space it was impossible to stop someone. I saw some amazing costumes by hanging out next to the bar and from creeping on everyone from the second floor.

My favorite costume at the convention that I saw was the guys dressed up as Daft Punk. Maybe it wasn’t anime, but these costumes

Me and the Daft Punk guys! Photo cred: Detravoid Concept

Me and the Daft Punk guys! Photo cred: Detravoid Concept

were so legit! My favorite costume that I saw via other people’s photo albums was a Kuzko cosplay from The Emperor’s New Groove. I WISH SO HARD that I had seen it in person. For now, I have this blurry fly-by photo to go off for proof that this exists. If you have a

Far left: Kuzco from Emperor's New Groove! Photo credit: Mary Garsea

Far left: Kuzco from Emperor’s New Groove! Photo credit: Mary Garsea

better photo, please send it my way!!

Another year at A-kon down! Let me know how your experience was! What was your favorite costume you saw? Did you dress up?

See you all soon!

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2 thoughts on “A-Kon 24: Review, Pictures and More!

  1. Ugh, that twitter stuff is disgusting. I’ve never been to a con, mostly because it just sounds stressful and scary! I have been to the hilton annatole though. Make a Wish has their annual charity gala there and it’s gorgeous!

    Also, OMFG STARFOX!!!!1!!11!

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