Informa/Fan Expo acquires Dallas Comic Con


The news broke late today that Informa has purchased Dallas Comic Con along with the DCC sub conventions, Sci-Fi Expo and Fan Days. Previously owned and run under Official Pix, the convention will now be run by the international owner, Informa, and presented by Fan Expo.

Mark Walters, one of the organizers for Dallas Comic Con, officially broke the news on Facebook today.

“The rumors are true. Dallas Comic-Con has been acquired by Fan Expo, but before everyone freaks out and thinks the end of the world is near, I want to assure you all that Ben Stevens and I are still very much involved and will stay involved,” Walters posted on Facebook. “If anything this announcement will mean big things for Dallas in the years to come. We’ve already got a LOT of exciting deals in the works for May, which is our big move to the Dallas Convention Center, and there’s plenty cool announcements to come. Stay tuned for more news, and get ready for greatness…”

Last year Dallas Comic-Con announced the plans to move to the Dallas Convention Center which offers exponentially more space than the previous host, the Irving Convention Center in Las Colinas. (Irving Convention Center: 100000 square feet, Dallas Convention Center: over 1,000,000 square feet). Such a big jump in space would naturally come with big changes.

So, who is Informa/Fan Expo and why does it matter?

Informa is a company based in Switzerland who specializes in events. They are responsible for Fan Expo Canada which is one of Canada’s largest fan events, attracting over 100,000 attendees. For reference, San Diego Comic Con averages around 120,000 attendees.

To sum it all up, Dallas Comic Con will now be presented by Fan Expo instead of Official Pix, but the original organizers will still be involved. Expect large spikes in attendance and a larger variety of celebrities. Will DCC reach the attendance levels of San Diego Comic Con? Only time will tell.



One thought on “Informa/Fan Expo acquires Dallas Comic Con

  1. I’m excited about it. I was talking about it with others at Sci-Fi Expo about the idea that smaller business are more concerned about putting money into staff and areas to make a great con even better. I think Informa might be more willing and able to make the investments in those places and hopefully trust the guys that have been there for a while as well to build on.

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