Texas Vintage Toy Expo: March 14-16


I LOVE toys. I mean, who doesn’t? I posted a couple of days ago on my Facebook about how I went into Michael’s craft store to get some supplies and told myself not to buy a toy. Spoiler alert: I totally bought a toy. Anyways, when I heard there was going to be a Vintage Toy Expo this year I got really excited.

Toy shows are so much fun. Even if you go with the mindset that you aren’t going to buy anything, it’s so much fun to go look around and feel some nostalgia.

The Texas Vintage Toy Expo will be held for three days, March 14-16, at the Hilton Garden Inn in Lewisville, TX, which is very close to Dallas. I’ve been to a number of toy shows and they pretty much all have the same layout and schedule: tables with toys and occasionally a guest of some sort. But this year the Texas Vintage Toy Expo will be breaking the barriers and making a toy show more of a convention.


For starters they will have several guest celebrities including Kirby Morrow, most prominently known for the voice of Miroku from Inuyasha.

There will also be a Vintage Gaming Room, and from what I’ve heard so far thereare going to be some awesome table top games involved!

Admission for the weekend is $35. You can preregister online or pay at the door.

Hope I will be able to make it out! Do you all collect any toys? I collect the Tokidoki Unicorno series primarily, but have a bunch of other random toys too!

You can “like” Texas Vintage Toy Expo on Facebook for the latest updates about the show!


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