Why a Facebook Fan Page matters, but the likes don’t


Welcome to Facebook where everything is made up and the likes don’t matter. No, really.

This all started off as a school project that I’ve just decided to continue and grow because, well to be frank, I’m honestly addicted to it.

I had to initially create a blog about something I am really passionate about for a class project. Well, I love Dallas, I love conventions, and I love dressing up in fun costumes. The outcome was my website, DallasFanGirl.com. With the support of my  professor I actually became confident enough to go for it.

So now I had a website and of course, I really wanted to blast it out to everyone I knew and let them know about this awesome exciting thing I was doing.

I started my Facebook “like” page about a year ago. I decided I really wanted to make a separate page for my crazy nerdy antics because I realized not all of my friends were really into it all as much as I was, and were probably tired of seeing it all over their feed.

When I first began my page I was ECSTATIC that it reached 100 likes. Seriously, 100 of you like what I post enough to follow me? That’s so awesome! Each like is exciting to me because if you like my content, it genuinely makes me happy!

I wanted to do something to thank all of my friends for supporting my craziness and in turn, started to do little giveaways. I really wanted to give my friends something that they would like and genuinely feel my appreciation.  Gift cards and codes are definitely something we can all be down for.

I got more and more likes as the giveaways drew new people into my page. Which of course, is very exciting!  But it’s become a recent realization that I really don’t need all those likes. Those numbers are just numbers and what really counts are the people who actually LIKE what I do and are interactive with me and my work. I mean, what’s a bunch of numbers if no one actually cares what you are putting out there? Especially now that Facebook insanely limits the amount of people who see what you post (I think it’s like, 5% of your total fans?).

So, why do I promote my page if it really doesn’t matter?

I really believe in everything I post. Yes, even down to the memes and stupid selfies. Everything I post I think “yeah, I like this and maybe one of you will too”. And that’s all that really matters to me; that someone out there enjoys what I share.

I actually think it’s really important for people to have a fan page if you believe that there is a niche audience who will appreciate what you do. Not all of your friends care as deeply about that one thing that you do, so why not corral everyone together in a place where you all know you love the same thing? This creates an atmosphere where you can tailor your content to fit exactly what you know your audience will appreciate.

If my page stays at 500 likes, where it is right now, I won’t bat an eye. To know that there’s a chance that 100 of those 500 likes are actual, real life people who care about what I publish is more than I could ever ask for.

As a kid I used to make a list of friends on notebook paper. I remember being SO amazed when I had 10 friends, but then deciding I didn’t want anymore because then I couldn’t count them on my fingers and I would start to forget them. (Which obviously is not the case, because then I realized I had toes and that helped a lot).

Getting more views on my stuff is scary. It’s intimidating to think who may be looking at what you do and sometimes it really starts to freak me out. I sit up at night worrying that what I’m doing is wrong and it’s not going to do me any good but then I remember why I want this to grow.

I want this to grow because know that there are a lot of people who don’t know about how many conventions happen in Dallas and details about them. There are a lot of people who wish they did know about all of the convention announcements and have all the information they need in one place. Heck, that’s why I was driven to start this whole thing because I could never find some place that told me things I really wanted to know about a convention like, “is it mandatory for me to cosplay at Dallas Comic Con?”

When it comes down to it I just really want to help people find the answers they are looking for and to provide it all in a fun, exciting way. I want to make sure anyone who is curious about upcoming conventions, or wants to see a review of a convention to see whether or not it’s worth their time to go, can go to my page and find those answers.

In short, if my page ever gets bigger than it is now, cool, awesome! And if not, even better! Because I won’t have to worry about more than 500 people judging me for wearing p.j. pants in my YouTube videos.



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