Spring Fever Giveaway!

It’s been super crazy in my corner of the world lately. Between conventions, school, and work, I barely have time to sleep! But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love being busy – it makes me feel like I’m being productive and not just a waste of space. That being said, it’s really easy to get carried away doing everything else and not take the time to relax and breathe!

The weather is getting back to livable conditions and I’m super excited about all the late spring and early summer events coming up like Dallas Comic Con and A-Kon! To celebrate the height of convention season and more importantly, to thank all of you for being so supportive of my endeavors I’m doing a giveaway!

This one is super, super easy to enter. Use this Rafflecopter link. Just click it and it will take you to a page where you can easily click to enter to win this awesome Darth Vader POP figure that was exclusively made for Dallas Comic Con!

Again, thank you all for being so supportive and I can’t wait to show you all everything I am working on!





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