Toy Show this weekend at Valley View Mall


Yeah, you read that right! Valley View Mall is apparently still a thing. If you’re not familiar with this place – it’s basically the mall of my adolescence located in North Dallas right down the street from the Galleria mall. I used to spend COUNTLESS days at this mall roaming around and basically living in the Hot Topic on the first floor. I also worked there for a while. It used to be “the place”. Until just about every store closed. Apparently it’s been revived in the name of all things nerdy, as this weekend the North Dallas Toy Show will hold an event Saturday, July 5, from 9 am to 3 pm!

For only $2 you can explore nostalgic toys and buy new treasures for your collection. There will be door prizes and more! Also, Valley View still has a nice movie theater that is actually quite cheaper than most theaters in the area. So check the showtimes and see something cool while you’re out there! Transformers? How to Train You Dragon 2?

If you go, make sure to post photos to my Facebook page!

For more information visit


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