ScrewAttack Gaming Convention this weekend

Awesome banner!

Awesome banner!

Also known as the largest gaming convention in the southwest, SGC brings in an eclectic crowd of gamers from all across the country.

When: July 11-13

Where: Sheraton in Downtown Dallas

How Much: $30-$50


Me and cosplayer Enasni Volz as Mad Moxxi and Glitzy Geek Girl in the background as Zelda! From SGC 2013!

If you’re not a huge gamer – no worries! SGC has something for every type of gamer. When I went last year they even had an old-school arcade with games like Galaga and Street Fighter! If you’re more of a modern gamer, there’s plenty of stuff for you too! Some of the awesome fun stuff includes:

  • A massive dealer room with up to 80 vendors.
  • A huge main stage that can accommodate over 1500 attendees comfortably for large panels and concerts that is streamed live to the Internet!
  • Two additional panel rooms which can each accommodate hundreds of attendees!
  • An expansive game room and arcade featuring consoles across all generations and a robust lineup of arcade cabinets!
  • Past guest speakers included YouTube celebrities and industry figureheads, such as; Adam Sessler, The Angry Video Game Nerd, Jim Sterling, and more!
  • An open call for other gaming websites to compete in a “ScrewAttack vs the Internet”!
  • The 8th annual Iron-Man of Gaming Tournament!
  • Live concerts of amazing video game related bands and DJs!
  • Table top gaming

This year SGC will even host a cosplay contest with prizes upwards of $500.

Additional information can be found on the SGC Facebook page.


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