Welcome to Jurassic Par- I mean, the Dallas Zoo!

As if I couldn’t be more excited for Jurassic World, the Dallas Zoo opened a “Giants of the Jurassic” exhibit that runs currently until September 7.

I got to go and see the dinos in action on the soft opening of the event – and let me tell you, this is so freaking awesome. There are over 20 dinosaurs that are all animatronic – they roar, move, and even spray water! From brachiosaurus to the massive T-Rex, it’s a full throttle dinosaur extravaganza.

My favorite was definitely the dilophosaurus which immediately took me back to Jurassic Park when Dennis Nedry had his encounter! The ones set up at the zoo spray water at you, but I liked to pretend it was poisonous spit.


I felt just like I was inside of John Hammonds park. When I was there, they were even hosting a puppet show that featured baby dinosaurs that kids were invited to come up and touch. They looked so incredibly lifelike!

One of my favorite features was an area where they set up a dino dig and I could pretend the be a paleontologist. This part is located right next to a mini train that shuttles kids around and lets them be immersed in the dinosaur world.

Because the exhibit lasts all summer, there will be plenty of dinosaur related events happening at the zoo. Everything part of the exhibit is included in the regular zoo admission price – so if you’re a member of the zoo it’s an even bigger perk!

Expect to see me at the zoo a bunch this summer getting my fill of all things dinosaur!

The Dallas Zoo is open daily from 9 am – 5 pm. General admission tickets are $15 for adults and $12 for kids.

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