Best spots for Free Comic Book Day – Dallas/Plano TX

Free Comic Book Day is like Halloween for the nerdy crew (not to say nerds don’t like candy!). It’s basically trick-or-treating at different comic book shops to pick up comics from a selection that have been deemed “Free.” This selection is sent intentionally from comic book distributors, so don’t think you’re going to walk into a shop and pick out anything you’d like for free! That being the case, comic book shops usually go a step further by bringing in special guests, offering discounts on various products, and having other fun nerdy related events! Here are my picks for the places you should visit Saturday, May 2! Remember, the earlier you get to these stores the better chances you have at getting what you want!

Full list of the free comics and their descriptions here. 

Madness Comics and Games


3000 Custer Rd Suite 310
Plano, Texas

When: Saturday, May 2 9 am – Midnight

What they’re offering:

Trina Nishimura – Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan
Jake Lloyd – Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars The Phantom Menace
Ray Park – Dark Maul from Star Wars The Phantom Menace
Peter Mayhew – Chewbaca from Star Wars

Plus over 25,000 free comics to give away *and* a Buy 2 get 1 Free sale!

Collected Comics

Where: Multiple locations


3100 Independence Pkwy, Suite #318
Plano, Texas

When:  Saturday, May 2

What they’re offering:

Plano meet Adventure Time cover artist Andy Hirsch! Thomas Branch, local artist will be bringing his beautiful prints out. Hunter Stillborn Zombie, an undead writer living in the United States that fully believes in the power of the written word as he shuffles through this great country taking in all the things and spilling them on paper. Jeff Muncie art. The very lovely Krystle Starr will be our cosplay guest of honor from 10AM to 1PM. The Comics Alternative will be recording a special edition of their podcast from 1:30 – 3:30 there may even be an invasion from the 501st! All of this PLUS you get FREE COMICS!

Keith’s Comics

Where: Muliple locations


5400 E Mockingbird Ln Suite 120
Dallas, Texas

When: Saturday May 2, 11am – 6pm

What they’re offering:


Zeus Comics 


1334 Inwood Rd
Dallas, Texas

When: Saturday May 2

What they’re doing:

Anna & Elsa meet and greet

“Paws in the City” adoption event



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