Cosplay Lip Sync Rocks at G33k3 Con

This past weekend I had the pleasure of being a judge at the G33K3 con Cosplay Lip Sync Contest. It was a great opportunity to see cosplayers g33k3-web-logoin a whole new light.

Typically seeing a cosplayer fully embrace their character is a treat only seen during a cosplay contest, but G33k3 con gave cosplaying a whole new look with the lip sync contest. Over ten competitors entered and gave their best shot at winning the $50 cash prize.

Judging was a lot harder than I thought. With so many strong competitors it was really hard to only choose one. Some of the attributes I looked at to choose the winner were:

  1. Knowing the lyrics. I know this seems obvious but if someone doesn’t know all of the lyrics it makes it difficult to believe that they really know the song.
  2. Personality and crowd interaction. This is a big deal! In any sort of performance when someone is dealing with a live audience, it’s important to interact with them.
  3. Cosplay. I definitely looked at the accuracy and technique put into a cosplay and how it related to the song. Someone may know all the lyrics, but if you’re competing in a cosplay contest of any kind, costume is a large factor.

Keeping these factors in mind I was able to make a decision, even though it was very difficult! It was so much fun watching everyone compete and it makes me want to do it one day, too. I hope other conventions will join in with this fun idea, I think it would be a great idea for late night panels and activities.