Dallas Fan Days October 20-22

Calling all Super Nerds! Dallas Fan Days is coming October 20-22 to the Irving Convention Center. Guests from Riverdale, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, and Dr. Who are all planned to be in attendance.

The October event of Dallas Fan Days is one of my favorite conventions. Not only is the Irving Convention Center an optimal place for a convention, but this show always has something for everyone. If this is your first convention, or you have never been to the Irving Convention Center, please see my Beginner’s Guide for FAQ!

Staying true to the “comic” aspect of Comic Cons, Dallas Fan Days has an exceptional range of comic creators, artists, and comic book professionals who are always excited to meet their fans and share the excitement for comic book culture.

Costumes are in no shortage for this show. However, it is totally not necessary to be in cosplay. Most people at the shows are simply rocking their favorite nerdy shirt and jeans – and this is perfect!

If you’re planning on wearing a costume, but don’t know where to start, think about your favorite fandoms and choose a character that is true to you! Never feel pressured to wear a specific costume just because everyone else is. If you’re wearing a costume, chances are people will want to talk to you about the character you are dressed as, and nothing is worse than trying to converse with people about a character you know nothing about! Chances are someone will recognize the character you are dressed as, and getting to talk to someone who is as excited about a fandom as you are is the goal!

Dallas Fan Days always has a solid Artist Alley. This is the best place to find unique pieces of art to make your walls pop! Pro Tip: I tend to pick up a couple new pieces of art at every show. There is no way that I would ever have enough wall space (or money for frames) for everyone! Instead, I picked up a Portfolio book from Hobby Lobby that is filled with over 100 clear pages that I can slip the art into. This makes a fantastic book to keep on my coffee table. Guests love flipping through it, and I love telling them all about the amazing artists!

Whatever you plan to do, make sure you have fun! Sometimes, the best part of the convention is getting great photos together, and wandering the vendors room basking in everything nerdy. Cheers and enjoy the con!

Travel in Style to Dallas Conventions and more!

The Dallas Fan Days convention is held at the Irving Convention Center from October 20 to the 22, and it can definitely be viewed as a holiday in the eyes of some locals and tourists.

For those that love the convention experience, you know that there’s a lot that goes into preparing for this event, especially if you’re somebody who participates in cosplay. However, even if you’re just attending for the panels, vendors, and people watching, there’s still a bit of organization that needs to take place for a truly seamless experience from start to finish. The addition of professional transportation to any convention experience is a great way to ensure convenience, especially if there’s a group involved.

Quality vehicles offer more than just a way to get from one point to the next, especially when you consider the features that elevate the transportation experience. There’s a ton of room on board party buses and limousines, and this is perfect for those who have bulky costumes. It’s equally as easy to rest as it is to socialize on board, and this is especially helpful for those who plan on staying at the convention all day. You wont have to deal with the task of finding a parking spot or battling traffic when you consider the chauffeur that will be around for the ride! As far as features are concerned, you can stream one of your favorite playlists with the attached auxiliary cord or your favorite movie with the flat panel television screens.

Your adventure doesn’t have to stop at the convention center! With your reserved block of time, you’re able to hit the town, go back to your hotel, or head home. It’s completely up to you, and that’s the beauty of it! If you’re worried about the affordability of a Dallas party bus or limousine, consider splitting the overall cost among a group of passengers. This will give you an affordable rate that’s comparable to a local ride share service.

In the end, you’ll be supremely glad that you took this step to prepare for your convention experience, and you’ll surely do the same for next years festivities. If you’re looking for a trustworthy company, be sure to check out DFW Party Bus & Limo.

The Thrill of the Toy Hunt

One of my favorite toys, Kota the dinosaur! Photo by Open Book Entertainment

I love toy hunting! In fact, it’s probably one of my favorite hobbies, and surprisingly, one of my most inexpensive hobbies.

First and foremost I’m a Jurassic Park collector. Anything Jurassic Park is instantly necessary. Especially Kenner toys. I like to think I’ve developed a sixth sense for finding Jurassic items almost anywhere I go; but some places are easier than others.

My favorite places to look are antique shops, toy shows, comic cons, and thrift shops. I have found my best luck to be finding Jurassic pieces at toy shows, though sometimes it almost feels too easy since the entire show is geared at vintage toy collectibles. Antique shops are a bit more of a challenge. Typically here the toys range more in the 1920-1970s timeline, and it can be difficult to come across more “modern” items. The perk of finding Jurassic Park items at antique shops is that they are usually priced way below their value. I’ve found that many sellers aren’t as familiar with the popularity of the Jurassic Park franchise and don’t see much value in these items. AKA, jackpot!

On one of my most recent hunts I visited a local Doll Show. This show was geared towards doll collectors who enjoy dolls from the turn of the century and popular classics like Madame Alexander and Barbie. For me, this was the perfect opportunity to scope out a booth that may be hiding some Jurassic treasures. After doing a couple of rounds at the show I final came across a booth that seemed promising. Here are some signs that tell me I may find what I’m looking for:

  • Clear bins full of colorful, plastic toys (like Happy Meal Toys)
  • Boxes and bins under the table that are full of items for sale, but not presented as cleanly as the items on the table
  • Kids toys shoved in piles or bunches in/around the table

Sure enough, under the table at this booth was a clear bin full of large Ziploc bags that each had a theme of toys inside. I found a dinosaur themed bag and inside instantly saw two Jurassic pieces. I was able to snag the entire bag for $2 and while most of the bag isn’t items I would keep, the two I did were totally worth it! 











Rarely do I have much luck at thrift shops. In fact, I usually end up leaving with things totally unrelated to what I originally went in for (like beer brand paraphernalia, old records, and bizarre coffee mugs). But that’s not to say it’s not worth stopping in. I’ve seen many people have luck finding Jurassic Park posters, hats, and toys. Even with never finding anything here, I always get excited when I walk in the door in hopes that I just may!

Do I know everything about Jurassic Park toys? Oh buddy, far from it. And because of my slips of knowledge here and there, I’ve missed out on a few great finds. My best “one that got away” was the infamous Gallimimus Kenner “Dino Screams” toy. I found it at DallasComic Con once loose in a Ziploc bag for $20 (ones in their package sell for upwards of $300). I was so focused on looking for a certain piece (Ian Malcolm) I picked it up and immediately tossed it aside. When I left the show I realized what I did and by then it was too late! If I ever come across one again I will treasure it forever!

A lot of people ask why I don’t just buy pieces I want from Amazon or Ebay. True, that would help me build my collection much faster; but it’s just not as fun. I love having a story behind each piece. Whether it has been given to me as a gift or found “in the wild” during one of my hunts, I love to have a little history behind each one. It makes looking at my collection and talking about it much more fun!

People collect many different things – from sports memorabilia to china plates, we all share the love of finding pieces that make our heart race. Whatever you collect, enjoy the hunt!

Dallas Fan Days returns Oct. 14-16









Full of cosplayers, pop-culture celebrity guests, vendors, comic books, and all things nerdy, Dallas Fan Days is back at it again October 14-16. This is one of my favorite shows to attend, and one I would definitely recommend to anyone who has yet to attend a convention.

The celebrity I’m most excited to see is Millie Bobby Brown, Eleven from Stranger Things. From the beginning of the first episode I was hooked. If you haven’t seen Stranger Things on Netflix yet, there’s still time to catch it before the convention. If you’re into 80’s themed sci-fi thrillers, this is totally up your alley. Other celebrities in attendance include The Flash star Danielle Panabaker, Hollywood icon Christian Slater and more.


The crowds get big on Saturday at Dallas Fan Days.

Be aware PANEL LINES FILL UP QUICKLY. If you are planning to attend a panel, but not a VIP ticket holder, prepare to be very aware of the line and how many people the panel room can hold. The sooner you get to the convention, the better. Arrive a couple hours early to inspect the panel line. If the panel is at noon, get to the show right when it opens. It’s very hard to predict the lines.

Cosplay is big at this show, but not required. One of my favorite aspects of this show is the Cosplay Red Carpet. The red carpet allows cosplayers to show off their creations and get their photo taken. The Red Carpet starts at 2 p.m. on Saturday. I’d advise getting there early, as sometimes the line is a bit disorganized and takes a minute to get everyone lined up.

There are some great places to shoot cosplay photography, and one of my favorite spots is on the side of the convention center, on the third floor steps. The lighting here is always so great, and the breeze is usually not to severe. I would highly recommend getting a photo here, even if it’s just on your phone!


Stay updated on convention changes on the shows website and social media pages. Celebrity cancellations are tentative to happen at anytime, so make sure you are aware before you head out to the show.

Make sure you have cash, as the ATM at the convention center has been prone to have long lines, and sometimes be down.

Don’t try to haggle with everyone. Haggling down

At my favorite place to get photos at the Irving Convention Center. Photo by Mineralblu Photography

At my favorite place to get photos at the Irving Convention Center. Photo by Mineralblu Photography.

prices can be a great way to get a bargain, but other times it can be insulting. Be careful on how you approach people, and do it politely. Haggling on an action figure versus haggling on an art commission can come across very different.

Make a meeting place. While this is a smaller convention, it’s easy to get shuffled around and separated from your group. Establish a meeting place (i.e. Meet at the concession stand on the first floor at 3p.m. if we get separated). This will help if you don’t have phone signal or get distracted by something cool.

Be understanding of change, and have fun. Changes happen so fast. A panel could run late. Someone may be a no show. Just prepare for things to change and have a back-up plan.

There’s tons of things to do at the convention, and a lot of family friendly activities. One of my friends had a show where his daughters saw everything in about an hour and got bored, so he started to introduce them to the independent artists in the Artist Alley and let them each pick a drawing to purchase. They got to talk to a lot of people and learn about their art. He said it was the best experience for them and they thought it was so cool to pick out a piece of art that was completely unique!

I will be at the convention for certain on Saturday and Sunday. Stay posted on my Facebook, as I will have updates about what I am doing if you would like to meet up!

Make sure your phone has plenty of room for photos!

Make sure your phone has plenty of room for photos!


Please message me on Facebook (Facebook.com/CleverFangirl) or email me at DallasFangirl@gmail.com if you have any questions about the show!

Have fun and see you there!


A-Kon 27 is ready to party


Holding on to the title of the longest running anime convention in the United States, A-Kon is back again for it’s 27th year of anime, panels, parties, and more.

Join A-Kon and over 20,000 anticipated guests at the Hilton Anatole in Downtown Dallas. Parking can be a bit tricky as main parking at the Anatole fills up rather quickly. There are many spots close to the Anatole that may look tempting to park in, but beware towing is HEAVILY enforced during the weekend.

WHEN: June 3-5

WHERE: Hilton Anatole, Downtown Dallas

HOW MUCH: Adult weekend = $70, One Day = $50 Fri/Sat $40 Sun.

Whether you have pre-registered for a badge or are buying on-site, it’s advised to get in line as early as you can. Lines have been hours long in the past and you don’t want to miss any of your convention time. If you’re cosplaying it’s advised to pick up your badge before you get in costume since you may be standing for an extended period of time.

A-Kon draws such a large crowd because the convention consistently delivers optimal entertainment to its guests. From J-Pop celebrities to a massive artist alley/dealers room collaboration, there is always something new to see.

This year, Sentai Filmworks is doing something extra special for A-Kon attendees. OPEN CASTING CALL – Sunday, June 5th at their exhibitor booth. “Aspiring voice actors and actresses, Sentai wants to notice you! This year, we’ll be holding an open casting call to audition new voices at A-KON in Dallas. Be one of the first 200 entrants to visit the Sentai Filmworks booth between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM for a chance to join our pool of vocal talent. If you’ve got what it takes to bring your favorite anime characters to life, stop by our booth to sign up and grab your audition lines.”

Although A-Kon is namely an anime convention, gaming is a large feature too. A Console Gaming Room full of nostalgic game titles is sure to feed any gamers appetite.

One of the highlights of A-Kon is a large dance party they host Saturday night. If you like rave-like atmospheres, this dance party is right up your alley. In the past they’ve had talented DJ’s who incorporate nerdy touches into their music like Pokemon themes, Zelda’s main theme and more.

While finding restaurants in walking distance of the Anatole isn’t that easy, A-Kon has accommodated to have multiple food trucks available around the clock to satisfy hungry guests. There are 20 food trucks on the list to be rotating throughout four areas of the convention. From pizza, BBQ, tacos, and boba, there’s something for everyone.

Come out to A-Kon 27 this weekend and have some fun with the nerdiest and most fun people around, it’s tradition!

Also, per tradition, here is my A-Kon photo bingo chart! Save it on your phone and try to get a bingo! Send it to me after the weekend with the photos to dallasfangirl@gmail.com!


The Intergalactic Nemesis to invade Dallas!


If you thought the city was safe from monsters aiming to destroy the planet, think again!


Talented voice actors bring The Intergalactic Nemesis to life.

From audio, to comic book, and now live on center stage, comes a full-fledged sci-fi adventure worthy of any nerd’s attention. The Intergalactic Nemesis tells the tale of sludge monsters sent from planet Zygon, set destroy planet Earth and all who inhabit it.

Never fear! What would any noteworthy comic be without a squad of super heroes? The three heroes, comprised of an award winning reporter, her research assistant, and a mysterious librarian, are willing to go to the ends of the Earth (and beyond!) to defeat the monsters.


Talented voice actors bring The Intergalactic Nemesis to life.

With elements similar to Orson Welles’ sci-fi drama, combined with classic comic-book style, this live-action event will leave audiences itching to go on intergalactic adventure for themselves.

So how exactly does a live graphic novel presentation work? Contrary to film, this live event features talented voice actors who reenact the novel panel by panel. The panels are projected above while a pianist performs the score, guaranteed to provide an engaging experience to audiences like never before.

The Intergalactic Nemesis will be live at the Dallas City Performance Hall May 12-14.

Tickets can be purchased here: https://tickets.attpac.org/production/39076?_ga=1.55384747.1818910793.1462406581

Dallas Comic Show: By Fans for Fans


The Dallas Comic Show has a lot planned for its first event at the Richardson Civic Center. From major acting guests like Jamie Kennedy, to comic artists like Bernie Wrightson, this show is bringing a great lineup to celebrate all sects of fandom.


April 23: 11 am – 7 pm

April 24: 11 am – 5 pm


Richardson Civic Center
411 W Arapaho Rd
Richardson, TX 75080

How much:  Saturday: $20 Sunday: $10 Two Day Ticket: $25

I’m so excited to go to a convention at the Richardson Civic Center, it’s an intimate venue that still provides a lot of space to hold panels and explore without having to walk too far. Parking is easy, the area is easy to navigate, and there’s a lot planned to keep everyone busy.

Cosplay is more than welcome at this event, there is even a cosplay contest planned on Saturday with some great prizes! Cosplay guests including Krystle Starr, MCubed Cosplay, TMNT Turtle Power, and myself (Cleverfangirl!) will be in attendance so make sure to come say hi!

Exhibitors and local artists will be lining the halls with nostalgic collectables and beautiful work sure to entice your wallet. Local artists include CEO and creator of Overground Comics,  Jon Hughes, and the multitalented and internationally featured  Shonuff Studios.

In addition to exciting guests, there will also be panels held throughout the day. I’m very excited to announce that I will be co-hosting a panel with the talented ladies of the show “G.I.R.L.S.” of NerdNinjaTV! We will be talking about recent geeky news including video games, Marvel/DC movies, and of course, dinosaurs!

This is sure to be an event enjoyable for every age group. From the guests to the artists, every aspect of this convention is designed for the fans by the fans. It’s going to be a great time! For more information visit dallascomicshow.com.