A-Kon 26 Revs up for a Weekend Full of Anime, Gaming, and Cosplay


A-Kon is the longest running anime convention in the U.S. With 25 years now under its belt, A-Kon consistently delivers an exciting weekend full of anime, guests, panels, and fun.

Join A-Kon and over 20,000 anticipated guests at the Hilton Anatole in Downtown Dallas. Parking can be a bit tricky as main parking at the Anatole fills up rather quickly. It is strongly encouraged to refer to this map and signing that allows overflow A-Kon parking. There are many spots close to the Anatole that may look tempting to park in, but beware towing is HEAVILY enforced during the weekend and you don’t want to come back to a booted/non-existent car after a

If you're looking to get a professional photo of your cosplay, visit SuperheroPhotos at A-kon!

If you’re looking to get a professional photo of your cosplay, visit SuperheroPhotos at A-Kon! This was my Mega Charizard from A-Kon last year!

weekend of fun.

Whether you have pre-registered for a badge or are buying on-site, it’s advised to get in line as early as you can. Lines have been hours long in the past and you don’t want to miss any of your convention time. If you’re cosplaying it’s advised to pick up your badge before you get in costume since you may be standing for an extended period of time.

A-Kon draws such a large crowd because the convention consistently delivers optimal entertainment to its guests. From J-Pop celebrities to a massive artist alley/dealers room collaboration, there is always something new to see.

This years celebrity guests include voice actress Amber Nash most currently known for her role as Pam from Archer. Other guests include Trina Nishimura, voice of Mikasa from Attack on Titan, and Caitlin Glass known for her role as Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist.

Although A-Kon is namely an anime convention, gaming is a large feature too. A Console Gaming Room full of nostalgic game titles is sure to feed any gamers appetite. Additionally, ScrewAttack will be there with game demos so be sure to stop by and test out some of their newest titles.

One of the highlights of A-Kon is a large dance party they host Saturday night. If you like rave-like atmospheres, this dance party is right up your alley. In the past they’ve had talented DJ’s who incorporate nerdy touches into their music like Pokemon themes, Zelda’s main theme and more.

While finding restaurants in walking distance of the Anatole isn’t that easy, A-Kon has accommodated to have multiple food trucks available around the clock to satisfy hungry guests. There are 20 food trucks on the list to be rotating throughout four areas of the convention. From pizza, BBQ, tacos, and boba, there’s something for everyone.

Come out to A-Kon 26 this weekend and have some fun with the nerdiest and most fun people around, it’s tradition!

Also, here is my A-Kon photo bingo chart! Save it on your phone and try to get a bingo! Send it to me after the weekend with the photos to dallasfangirl@gmail.com!


A-Kon 25 BINGO!

A-Kon is my favorite anime convention. There is so much to see and do, and taking photos is a must! To make it a little more fun, I created a BINGO chart to use at the convention! To sweeten the deal, if you get a “BINGO” (straight across, down, or diagonal) simply place your photos you take on top of the squares and save it as an image! Send your image, along with your name, to dallasfangirl@gmail.com and on June 15 I will choose a random winner for an awesome prize! If you get a “blackout” board, meaning you fill each square with a photo, you will get 5 extra entries! Good luck and have fun at A-Kon this weekend, June 6-8 at the Hilton Anatole in Downtown Dallas!

**Save the image below to your computer, or to your phone for quick reference!**

Send to your friends and make it a competition! Need an even bigger challenge? Get yourself in each photo!


Spring Fever Giveaway!

It’s been super crazy in my corner of the world lately. Between conventions, school, and work, I barely have time to sleep! But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love being busy – it makes me feel like I’m being productive and not just a waste of space. That being said, it’s really easy to get carried away doing everything else and not take the time to relax and breathe!

The weather is getting back to livable conditions and I’m super excited about all the late spring and early summer events coming up like Dallas Comic Con and A-Kon! To celebrate the height of convention season and more importantly, to thank all of you for being so supportive of my endeavors I’m doing a giveaway!

This one is super, super easy to enter. Use this Rafflecopter link. Just click it and it will take you to a page where you can easily click to enter to win this awesome Darth Vader POP figure that was exclusively made for Dallas Comic Con!

Again, thank you all for being so supportive and I can’t wait to show you all everything I am working on!




Conventions this Weekend: Mini A-Kon, Furry Fiesta

Mini A-Kon: 

If you’re not familiar with A-Kon, it’s a huge anime convention in Dallas. Last year, it moved to the Hilton Anatole in Downtown Dallas. The attendance levels are consistently rising getting close to 30,000 attendees. Because it’s such ToriKat-Mini-A-Kon-2014-231x300an anticipated convention, a Micro A-Kon and Mini A-Kon sprouted.

Mini A-Kon is pretty much as it sounds. It’s a smaller version of A-Kon and until this year it was held at the Denton Public Library. But Mini A-Kon is growing, and may not be so mini for long. This year it is moving to the Denton Civic Center and the Emily Fowler Central Library. Having two locations allows Mini A-Kon to provide more panels, more guests, and more space for attendees.

Mini A-Kon is only one day, but the best part about the convention is that it’s totally free. That’s right – free!! So put on your favorite cosplay and head out to Denton on Saturday for an awesome time.


Saturday, Feburary 22nd

10 am – 5 pm


Denton Civic Center
321 E McKinney St
Denton, TX 76201 ‎

Emily Fowler Central Library
502 Oakland St
Denton, TX ‎76201

How much: FREE!

Cosplay: Go for it! This is where a lot of people test out their cosplays in preparation for A-kon in June to see what changes and upgrades they need to make.

Do I need to bring money: Yes. Bring money for food and for purchases. There will be a dealers room with merchandise!

Furry Fiesta:

Furry Fiesta invites members of the Furry community and fans alike to celebrate the culture of anthropomorphism, which is the attribution of humans in anything other than the human body. In the furry culture that is most empty_registrationclosely associated with wolves, dogs, and other fluffy animals. Many people dress up in full furry costumes that they have either created themselves or had commissioned.

Events at Furry Fiesta include an Art Show, Charity Poker Tournament, Fursuit Parade (involving those dressed in furry attire), a Variety Show, and a Dance.

The theme for this year’s Furry Fiesta is Heroes and Villains.


February 21-23


InterContinental Dallas:

15201 Dallas Pkwy

Dallas, TX 75001

How much: $45

Cosplay: Mainly furry suits and furry outfits will be present.

Do I need to bring money: Yes. Bring money for food and for purchases. There will be a Dealers Den with merchandise!