Conventions this Weekend: Mini A-Kon, Furry Fiesta

Mini A-Kon: 

If you’re not familiar with A-Kon, it’s a huge anime convention in Dallas. Last year, it moved to the Hilton Anatole in Downtown Dallas. The attendance levels are consistently rising getting close to 30,000 attendees. Because it’s such ToriKat-Mini-A-Kon-2014-231x300an anticipated convention, a Micro A-Kon and Mini A-Kon sprouted.

Mini A-Kon is pretty much as it sounds. It’s a smaller version of A-Kon and until this year it was held at the Denton Public Library. But Mini A-Kon is growing, and may not be so mini for long. This year it is moving to the Denton Civic Center and the Emily Fowler Central Library. Having two locations allows Mini A-Kon to provide more panels, more guests, and more space for attendees.

Mini A-Kon is only one day, but the best part about the convention is that it’s totally free. That’s right – free!! So put on your favorite cosplay and head out to Denton on Saturday for an awesome time.


Saturday, Feburary 22nd

10 am – 5 pm


Denton Civic Center
321 E McKinney St
Denton, TX 76201 ‎

Emily Fowler Central Library
502 Oakland St
Denton, TX ‎76201

How much: FREE!

Cosplay: Go for it! This is where a lot of people test out their cosplays in preparation for A-kon in June to see what changes and upgrades they need to make.

Do I need to bring money: Yes. Bring money for food and for purchases. There will be a dealers room with merchandise!

Furry Fiesta:

Furry Fiesta invites members of the Furry community and fans alike to celebrate the culture of anthropomorphism, which is the attribution of humans in anything other than the human body. In the furry culture that is most empty_registrationclosely associated with wolves, dogs, and other fluffy animals. Many people dress up in full furry costumes that they have either created themselves or had commissioned.

Events at Furry Fiesta include an Art Show, Charity Poker Tournament, Fursuit Parade (involving those dressed in furry attire), a Variety Show, and a Dance.

The theme for this year’s Furry Fiesta is Heroes and Villains.


February 21-23


InterContinental Dallas:

15201 Dallas Pkwy

Dallas, TX 75001

How much: $45

Cosplay: Mainly furry suits and furry outfits will be present.

Do I need to bring money: Yes. Bring money for food and for purchases. There will be a Dealers Den with merchandise!