Hey there!

My name is Laura and my blog is the beautiful love child of my passion for fan conventions and my love for Dallas.

If you’re looking for the latest news about the geekiest events happening in the DFW area you’re in the right place!

I attended my first convention in 2008 and got hooked. Since then I’ve attended over 50 conventions all over Texas. Initially, I partnered with a college newspaper where I wrote previews and reviews of conventions and nerdy events in North Texas. Once I transferred to university I became immersed in the online platform and began Dallas Fangirl! Since starting Dallas Fangirl in 2013, I’ve expanded to social media pages including Facebook and YouTube

As an Emerging Media and Communications Major at UTD I work to integrate classic journalism skills with new media platforms to create an exciting domain that truly expresses the enthusiasm I have for the convention industry.

There are so many pop-culture events happening in North Texas. From anime conventions, comic cons, and comic book store events – every weekend can be made nerdy! Check out the convention calendar for upcoming events and to find out which ones I’ll be attending.

Have questions? Want to let me know about a convention coming up? Feel free to contact me anytime!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice approach to covering the local happenings. We hope that you can make it out to the next North Texas Comic Book Shows event on Saturday July 27th in Dallas. We will be featuring Image Comics artist Craig Rousseau, Ink Master Star Wars challenge winner Clint Cummings, and local sketch card artist Jason Adams. You can find out more at comicbooksdallas.com.

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